Splashdown 45 - USS Hornet Museum Celebrates Apollo 11 Anniversary

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This site is devoted to the public commemoration of the Apollo 11 moon mission --  the first time humans walked on the moon and their safe recovery by the aircraft carrier USS Hornet upon their return to Earth. Visit here for the latest updates and information about the special guests, schedule of events, exhibits and activities, ticket packages, and more.

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Splashdown 45 will introduce young visitors to the types of sciences and technologies that will enable a successful human mission to Mars. These include rockets, robotics, solar power, telescopes, lasers, navigation, and aviation. Visitors young and old can take part in a variety of engaging space-related activities. See an actual moon rock on display!

STEM Educational Activities
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Schedule 10:00am–4:00pm
Flight Deck and Hangar Bay
Ongoing Interactive Activities

(Educational Fun for ages 5–10)
11:00am – MARS 101
11:30am – MARS 101

How do we get to Mars? Don’t miss this special presentation in the Officers’ Wardroom. MARS 101 is a brief interactive children’s “hands on” education class designed to introduce the science of solar energy, robotics, rockets, and space exploration. It also includes a viewing of the exciting movie “7 Minutes of Terror,” which illustrates the revolutionary landing of the Mars Rover “Curiosity.”

Goldie Blox will host a "Blox Party" to get girls building. Winner of "The Educational and People’s Choice Toy of the Year," Goldie Blox makes toys for future innovators. They believe there are a million girls out there who are engineers, but they just might not know it yet. Goldie Blox can show them the way by providing your little engineers and inventors the tools they need to build and create amazing things. Girls can play with Goldie Blox inventions and share their own.

11:00am • Main Stage:  Saturn V—The Mightiest Machine
with Rocket Enthusiast Faride Khalaf

How NASA’s Apollo astronauts flew to the Moon is a truly astonishing feat. It took the Saturn V launch vehicle (history’s most powerful man-made machine) to hurl the Apollo spacecraft and its gallant crew of three at the moon. In a 20-minute presentation, you’ll see and hear some graphic comparisons with a variety of well-known heavy machinery. How powerful is it? Come find out!

11:30am • Main Stage: Cartoonist of the Future 

Children’s Science Author Brian Fies of Whatever Happened to the World Tomorrow will demonstrate his knowledge of science illustration.

Brian Fies is a science writer, illustrator, and cartoonist whose widely acclaimed first graphic novel, Mom's Cancer, won the 2005 Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic (the first web comic to win the award and inaugurate this new category), among many other awards and recognition. He lives in northern California.


Experience Hornet’s million-dollar view from the Flight Deck with several pioneering telescopes! Presented by the California Academy of Science and Lick Observatory.


To the Moon: Snoopy Soars with NASA

Visit and explore artifacts from beloved Peanuts character Snoopy’s trip to the moon on Apollo 10 in 1969. Presented by the Charles M. Schulz Museum.


  • Explore the California Academy of Sciences Geodome in HB2 and experience the wonder of the stars in this portable planetarium. Presented by the California Academy of Science.
  • Children can get the rare opportunity to view a Gemini Space Capsule and a real space suit! There will also be live space shuttle tile burning demonstrations. Presented by The Space Station Museum.
  • Meet the interactive robotics from robotic Team 254 The Cheesy Poofs from Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose. Their masterpieces have competed in the FIRST robotic competition and average around 5 feet in height. The robots will be performing exciting demos throughout the day.

Visit our official website for more information about our ongoing STEM and other educational programs at:  School & Educational Programs.

Young visitors try their hands at operating mini rovers at Splashdown 2009 | Photo by Susan Wood — More photos

Young visitors try their hands at operating mini rovers at Splashdown 2009 | Photo by Susan Wood — More photos

The USS Hornet Museum anticipates obtaining other key space-race artifacts and additional guests of great interest… so check back for more information, but mark your calendars now!

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